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Like most Kherete houses, we believe in reincarnation and reconnecting with those past lives to discover how that might help us on our current journey. Life is about discovery and learning from the lessons we've been given both in this life and lives past.

We will practice some rituals together. It is something we will build together as a house with consideration for the various possible belief systems that might be included in the house. We will also practice some forms of magick and energy manipulation. It is one of the great things about the Kherete system that we can come together in our best suited roles and have powerful rituals and magick. We will as always follow an ethical path in accordance with the Black Veil.

We will pursue a variety of spiritual knowledge. Each person has something unique that they bring to the group. Variety and different perspectives only enhance a group. It is our desire that you seek your own truth and bring that to the house so that we may learn from each other.

Since we will practice with many distance members, we will develop methods and syncronization to help facilitate our group rituals and magick. You should be comfortable with the idea of practicing in spirit or astrally. Making spirit connections with each other will be important to this working with various physical distances.

The structure of the house as far as whether we have varying degree systems or designing the structure of membership will be decided together as a house. We all have something to offer and things to learn. We will always make decisions about structure together to find the best solution that will make us a better house. As we determine a more refined structure, we will post what that is on this page. For now, this is the beginning and we will work together to find our way.



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