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House Noctura was formed in 2009 by Ari iaH Axw grH, in North Carolina, in connection with the Kherete Tradition of House Kheperu in Ohio. House Noctura is a Kherete-influenced tradition, which means it takes some of its inspiration from the teachings of House Kheperu, founded by Michelle Belanger. House Noctura is open to all paths. We believe you should seek your own truth and we believe that it's possible to have varying paths and still come together as one house. We also believe that members can participate at a distance if you're comfortable practicing in spirit and through communications such as we have available to us online. Like any house, it's a work in progress and we'll grow together and find our way.

Kherete Houses are not directly affiliated with House Kheperu or the Kheprians in any way, other than some common links of lore and ritual. We, like most Kherete-inspired traditions, follow an ethical code equivalent with the Black Veil, as published in The Psychic Vampire Codex by Michelle Belanger.

The name Noctura is something that came to me in meditation the first year I began practicing paganism. I believed that it was something that I needed to hold onto for the right group and I feel that this house is the right place for it. The eternity arch and heiroglyphic symbols were chosen for the group because of a dream that I had when I was first awakening. I didn't even know about Kheperu until 9 years later. In the dream that I had, I was led by a lady to an arch with heiroglyphic symbols and much of what was said I didn't remember except for a set of symbols that were pointed out and that it was important to my path. I wrote it all down in a dream journal and had almost forgotten it when I came upon the Kheprian system through Michelle's book. It's one of the things that came back to me as I studied the system. I decided that I should look up the symbols and it turns out that they represent the following letters: m i i n and then the ankh represents life. In translating Egyptian heiroglyphs, the double reed is often used for the long e sound. Thus, I translated it as MEAN LIFE. How does that relate to one's path? It's the reason we're here... to learn and grow and not take forgranted the life we've been given. Life is not always easy but it's what we make of it that matters. In many ways it is not unlike Kheperu which means transformation. Since this is a Kherete House, we are embracing the idea of a journey of transformation and finding the meaning in life.

As the founder of House Noctura, I feel I should tell you a little bit about who I am and what brought me here. I am 37 years old as I begin this house. I have been studying and practicing paganism for over 9 years. I began my search with the path of Wicca which developed over time into a more eclectic elemental pagan path. Some of what we do here will certainly have some roots in paganism as well as the Kheprian system. When I began my awakening and studying, I was also awakening to the fact that I was a psychic vampire. I suppose I had more trouble with the acceptance of it more than I did that things existed beyond the physical. Most of the difficulties that I had were because of the negativity that existed in any available literature at the time. Over time I came to find a balance between what I called my shadow and my light. I came to have an understanding of balance and who I am.

Blessed Be,
Ari iaH Axw grH


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